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Upcoming January Releases 2020

This blog entry is super late, I know ! The start of the new year has been crazy, so I didn’t really have time to upload according to my schedule. Let’s hope I’ll do better next week !

With the “start” of January there are a lot of awesome books coming out and I’m excited to read them ! Here are a few:

1). A heart so fierce and broken ( Cursebreakers #2) by Brigid Kemmerer

This is the sequel to ” A curse so dark and lonely” and there can’t be more exciting news ! The first one is on my tbr and with the second one coming I can now binge read these two in a few days !

2). Crossing the Line (Hot Jocks #4) by Kendall Ryan

Our main character is a hockey player who falls head over heels for his doctor ! After knowing only that amount of information I immediately put this on my tbr. And the author is Kendall Ryan so that’s a plus šŸ˜‰

3). A Favor for a favor (All in #2) by Helena Hunting

“A lie for a lie” was fantastic, so I’m sure this one is going to be great !! Helena Hunting is known for creating diverse characters and a beautiful but hard to achieve love story. Be sure to put this on your tbr !

4). Something in the Air by L.H. Cosway

“Michaela Olsson has found her soulmate in James Khan. There are just a few teeny, tiny problemsā€¦”

Love with a lot of obstacles . Yes, yes, yes ! Sign me up

5). Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen

“For fans of Crazy Rich Asians or Jane Austen Comedy of Manners, with a hint of La La Land”

I’m sure as hell going to love this book !!

What books are you excited for ? How is your reading process in 2020 so far ?

Until next time cuties<3

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