ARC: Wolf gone Wild by Juliette Cross

Rating: 4 out of 5.

(That’s how crazy Alpha is xD)

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

“The Originals” meet “The Vampire Diaries” meet a new way of paranormal, fantasy and romantic comedy all smashed into one book.

While reading the first chapter I instantly thought of “The Originals” with New Orleans and Werwolfs, witches, the danger of living in this world and the banter with a lot of oozing chemistry. I immediately fell in love with this story, even though I don’t really read paranormal.

“Wolf Gone Wild” is book one in a brand new series by Juliette Cross, Stay A Spell. We get introduced to Mateo, a wolf who has a hex on him, so he can’t shift to his wolf and is being driven mad by Alpha,-his inner wolf spirit. Completely helpless Mateo seeks help from the witches of the town and we quickly get introduced to the Savoie sisters.

Evie Savoie is a very talented and powerful witch. Evie is known as a hex breaker. She has a specific talent and has never met a hex she couldn’t conquer. The number one rule witches follow is to avoid werewolves. They are temperamental and had no control. Not to mention the blood lust thing that happened when they shifted. So when Mateo came strolling into the bar where she worked she wasn’t too thrilled to see him. In the end, however she agrees to help Mateo with his hex and now her and her sister are trying to figure out what exactly is keeping Mateo’s wolf locked inside him. Who put a hex on him and why?

The characters:

Mateo is a typical werewolf. Meaning he is a loner and closed off, he doesn’t like company. Especially the company of women, because he fears that they’re going to ask a bunch of questions on his whereabouts !
He was really gentle and caring though, much to the dismay of his inner wolf Alpha. Alpha is really the oppostie of Mateo. He is crazily funny, but he also likes to kill, fight, and the company of women. I was a sucker for Alpha! So you can see why these two didn’t get along so well and why Mateo wanted to “get rid” of him.

Evie was such a sweet soul. She is such a geek (Marvel and Star Wars Fan), which I LOVED. She is full of life and happiness, but she also has some scars from her past relationship. In addition to that she is a really good witch. The only thing is that she lacks is confidence, which is sad considering her talent and her beauty (of her soul and her looks). Luckily Mateo helps her with that issue. And the cool thing is she helps him calm Alpha down. Her presence alone is enough to quiet the voice of the wolf and allows him to concentrate. 

So when these two start spending more and more time together,-boom,- you can hear the sizzling ! Their romance was off the charts! It was definitely slow burn and I couldn’t wait for them to finally give in to their feelings.


I absolutely fell in love with this angst free paranormal book and the characters ! As a huge Tvd Fan, how could I not ? Yes, there were no shocking elements or drama or angst, but I surprisingly didn’t mind that ! It was a very charming and light story with a decent suspense element. This is a book for you if you are looking for a fun & cute book !  

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