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5 Thoughts while reading a good book-Tag

I thought it would be fun to do this Tag, where you can follow my train of thoughts when it comes to me reading a book,- using GIFS ! I would love it, if you all participated, so I’m going to tag a few people at the end of this ! Now follow my thoughts.


1– Great intro ! I can already tell I’m bonding with the main character. I hope it continues this way.

2 – Heck yeah. It includes fantasy elements and I can already smell the romance.The only thing that’s missing is a crime…….ok maybe that won’t fit so well. I have to say though, He is perfect for her, why can’t she see that ?! Oh, you know what would be amazing ? If there’s more drama involved !

3 – What is happening ? I didn’t see that coming. Didn’t see that one either…Did he just do that ?! Nooo ! And what the hell is she doing ? There’s danger everywhere. That shows that you’re not even safe in the fictional world. Ok I take it back! Too much drama. Too much drama.

4 – Oh God, I’m so in love with him. Why can’t this magical world be real ? Why can’t he be real ? Wait, if he were to be real, would he be with me ? Like would he actually choose to love me ?…… You know what,- don’t let him be real. Let’s leave him in this fictional world, so I can keep crushing on him and call him my boyfriend without getting rejected!

Who is interrupting my reading right now ? Let me finish this, so my heart can actually beat again !

5 – It’s showtime ! The final battle is just around the corner and I’m more than ready for some real hardcore butt-kicking……….Wait it’s already over? You mean I have to get back to reality? Aww….I can’t believe the book is over…. How am I going to survive this ?

Wait, there’s a sequel !!!! Yay, let’s dive straight into that.


That’s it, guys ! This was so fun. I hope you enjoyed following my thought process while reading a good book. Next time I’ll do one when I’m reading a disappointing book. I’m tagging a few people (no pressure, if you don’t want to do it) but anyone who wants to do it can ! I would love to see all your thought trains, so make sure to tag me.

I’m tagging: Rukky @Eternity books Octavia @Mermaid Reads Alis @Our Book Boyfriends

Julie @One Book More Kayla @Kayla’s Wordsmithy Noura @The Perks of being Noura Alba @Alba and her secrets

6 thoughts on “5 Thoughts while reading a good book-Tag

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  1. omg this is so relatable 😂 perk of fictional boyfriends: they can’t reject you! And ughhhh I totally understand how frustrating it is when people interrupt your reading… and they always have to do it at the most critical part of the book!! 😡

    Love this tag!

    Liked by 1 person

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