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Slay May 2020 ! New book releases that will slay our month May

I really hope that this month will slay, especially since we collectively agreed that the last 2 months weren’t that great. So, May is here and it will slay !! The sun will shine and we all will have a lot of new books to look forward to reading.

Here are some new book releases this month that I am looking forward to and wanted to share with you !

1- House of Dragons ( House of Dragons #1) by Jessica Clues (May 12th)

Five royal houses will hear the call to compete in the Trial for the dragon throne. A liar, a soldier, a servant, a thief, and a murderer will answer it. Who will win?

This book features Dragons, morally grey characters and a competition-it will go on my tbr okay !

2- A secret for a secret ( All in #3) by Helena Hunting (May 12th)

How is it that the third book in this series by Helena Hunting is going to be published and I haven’t even read the first one yet ?! Shame on me really. I should step up my reading game a bit.

3- Forged in Fire and stars (Forged in Fire and stars #1) by Andrea Robertson (MAy 5th)

Games of Thrones meets An Ember in the Ashes in this action-packed fantasy from the internationally bestselling author of the Nightshade series.

Probably the book I’m the most excited about ! Not because of the mention of “Games of Thrones”, but because of the resemblance to “An Ember in the Ahses” !!

4- The unstoppable wasp: Built on top by Sam Maggs ( May 26th)

“Nadia Van Dyne is new to this. New to being a Super Hero, new to being a real friend and stepdaughter (to one of the founding Avengers, no less), new to running her own lab, and new to being her own person, far, far away from the clutches of the Red Room-the infamous brainwashing/assassin-training facility. “

If there’s anything that’s related to Marvel and or DC comics, I’ll get excited about it ! Love the cover and the premise of this.

5- Of Silver & shadow by Jennifer Gruenke (May 26th )

I’ve had the honor of receiving an ARC for this awesome book a few months ago. I wrote a review for this book (here) and I am honestly telling you to read this book once it’s published, because it is extremely well developed and entertaining!

That’s it. What books are you excited about ? Do we have any books in common on our tbr ? 💕 

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