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Netflix-The Witcher: My thoughts & why Jaskier should be your best friend

It’s no secret that I love series & movies and so whenever something new drops on Netflix, I tend to watch it. One day Netflix recommended me grumpy, dangerous, shirtless Henry Cavill and who in their right mind can say no to that ? I watched the show and I found out that it features Armies gathering in the south to attack northern kingdoms, Dragons threatened with extinction, magic trees, witches and a prophecy. That was the ultimate jackpot for me. I fell in love while watching it. And then I rewatched it and I could rewatch it again and again. “The Witcher” was cinematographically fantastic(not so much the CGI though) and the characters were intriguing. Mind you, I have never read the books and I didn’t even know that there was a video game first.

We start off with an intriguing and interesting first episode, where events are being set up for a dramatic story. There are some awesome scenes with our Witcher”Geralt of Rivia” as well as a large battle involving an invading Nilfgaardian army. To make it even more interesting, the first episode features a Princess (Renfri) who stumbles into Geralt in an attempt to escape death. Renfri, unfortunately doesn’t have much screen time apart from the first 1 or 2 episodes but other characters get their much-deserved screen-time. The middle episodes convey a lot of background and are definitely required for us to link everything together.

One of the most entertaining parts of the series include Jaskier, the hilariously scared singer from Upper Posada. He brings sass to Geralt’s grumpiness, that turns them into one of the best comedic duos in the entertainment industry. But what makes Jaskier even better is the fact that he is a dedicated best friend (even though Geralt won’t admit it). So here are 5 reasons, why Jaskier should be your best friend,-and why Geralt needs to admit that he is indeed his best friend.

1- Jaskier sticks to Geralt like glue:

Our dangerous, but charming Witcher has a great habit of pushing everyone away. However, despite his best efforts, Jaskier has never been discouraged. Let us not forget that Geralt insults him several times and his singing (f.e the incident where Geralt compares Jaskier’s singing to a pie without filling) and even punches him. So it’s pretty impressive of Jaskier to stay friends with him. No one, and I mean no one, tries as hard as Jaskier to remain a good friend to Geralt.

Credits to u/GGouenji on Reddit

2 – Jaskier bathes the grumpy Witcher:

Only Jaskier could be so nice and so couragous as to bathe Geralt. As his best friend he always makes sure that ‘The Witcher’ is clean after days of traveling and killing slimy monster. It must be nice for Geralt to soak in a hot bath and have someone else bring him towels and soaps. Who wouldn’t want a friend like Jaskier. And don’t tell me it’s creepy, cause even though I found it creepy at first, you get used to it and even appreciate the effort and love of Jaskier.

Credits to Kseniya Strela on Twitter

3 – Gives him advice on his Yennefer problem:

It’s no secret that Jaskier didn’t really like Yennefer,-and I understand why. (she threatens him the first time they met) However, he still gives Geralt advice and supports him when it comes to Yennefer. Now whether or not Geralt actually listens to the advise is another question, but let us not dwell on these unnecessary details. The point is, Jaskier is a great friend who gives advice and support and never ditches The Witcher.

Credits to u/thepogodude on Reddit

4 – He writes him the best song ever

Our awkward friend even writes Geralt the best song of the century. “Toss a Coin To Your Witcher”, greatly improves the Witcher reputation and Geralt started getting paid a lot better than ever before. How amazing is that?

Geralt doesn’t seem to appreciate the song, but he really should. It improved his life by a wide margin. I would love to have a friend like Jaskier, writing me songs. Sure the songs wouldn’t be special, the titles would probably be “Toss a sandwich to your Food Lover” or “Learn from the almighty procrastinator “ but you get the point.

5 – He truly loves him.

Their friendship is so pure and true, one can see that Jaskier absolutely loves Geralt. (And the other way around 😉 ) Always sticking by his side, not wanting to leave him to his demise, -wanting to leave Yennefer to her demise is something else entirely ,- he loves the Witcher. And everybody needs a friend like Jaskier.

Their friendship is summed up by Yennefer saying “This is my boyfriend Geralt. And this is Geralt’s boyfriend Jaskier.” And I love that.

I honestly can’t wait for season 2 of “The Witcher” ! This time the spotlight of my post was Jaskier, but next time it could be Yennefer or Geralt,-tell me in the comments below. Have you watched “The Witcher” ? How did you like it ? 💕

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