Fallon Carrington -your Fashion Advisor, Episode 2

Hi guys and welcome back to my Fashion segment. So in this segment, I’ll share some outfits that are similar to what fictional characters wore, so you can duplicate this style if your heart desires. Small Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for the shops, I’m not getting paid by them. I’m only including links to the shops for the purpose of recreating the outfits,-there is no monetary compensation for me.

In todays post I’ll feature our powerful Fallon Carrington, a character known from the series Dynasty. Her outfits and her make-up make the series a ton more appealing and I always swoon whenever I see Fallon on screen, because her looks are honestly AH-mazing. It’s hard to recreate her looks, but it’s not impossible. Her outfits are a little bit on the pricier side (she literally wears clothes from Ralph Lauren), so we’ll try and recreate her looks with cheaper clothes. Let’s get right into it.

1- The Orange Pantsuit

A classic Fallon Carrington outfit includes a pantsuit. She wear them in blue, black, white,-any color really. But this orange pantsuit was so special, I instantly saved it on my phone and searched for shops to recreate the look. The color screams confidence and summer paired with her orange High-heel,it’s an unforgettable look. She also sometimes wore an orange coat on top of her look and I definitely need to include that. (You’re welcome šŸ˜‰ )

2- Her black polka dot dress

This dress is so classy and fancy, every woman should have a dress like this in her closet. It’S perfect for a meeting, perfect for dinner or a catch-up with friends. It’s just simply perfect. And Fallon paired it with a black bag that really complements the dress. Fallon’s polka dot dress in the series is a tad bit longer than the one I found and it had long sleeves,-nevertheless it’s still similar to the original dress. I would pair it with a black coat or blazer to complete the look and of course black high heels.

3- Her long floral dresses

This make-up lover loves to wear floral dresses and there are quite a few of them, I definitely find pretty. But it’s so hard to find a similar floral dress to the one she wears so I will link you the pink floral dress she originally wore (Yes, the extremely pricey one ) and then a floral dress in our poor student budget I liked.

That was our second episode with our Fashion Advisor, Fallon Carrington. I hope you found some inspirational and amazing outfits. Hopefully you have fun recreating them. Until next time, cuties !

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