Talking about my short Blogging Hiatus and general Life Update

Hi and welcome back to my Blog ! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Blog post and I’m not counting my last book review for “The Chosen Ones” because in all honesty: It was pre-written.

To be completely honest I haven’t sat down and written a Blog post in a month. Everything I’ve posted last month was pre-written. (Apart from July’s book releases) For some people, that’s not a lot. I know bloggers who haven’t posted in weeks, heck even months ! And here I am complaining about not writing for a month. But for me, it’s different. I love blogging. I love having these talks and conversations with you. 2 months ago I was writing blog posts every single day and now I’m just not writing at all.

What happened ?

Life happened.

Seriously, the main reason for me not writing or posting frequently is my lack of time. Which is ironic because there was a post where I said ” Make the time. Everybody has time for the things they love” Ouch. This statement came back and bit me in the butt. So what am I doing with my time ?

I am working during summer( which takes up all of my time) and I still have university. Due to the corona-virus pandemic my university shifted the dates for exams and labs to summer. So while everyone is enjoying the sun and not having anything to do. I have exams and lab days during the whole summer !

Quick equation: Work + university = no time.

On top of that I am currently attending an online language course. Yes, to make my life even harder than it already is, I picked up Korean as my new language learning goal. You might not know, but I am a huge language lover and I speak 4 languages fluently, my goal is to speak at least 6 languages by the age of 25.

I know, I am weird. Moving on the second huge main reason as to why I haven’t written any posts and why I haven’t been posting frequently. Lack of motivation.

I started this Blog with a lot of motivation, but lately I can’t seem to want to sit down and write blog posts. Even though I have a lot of ideas and a lot I want to talk about, I neglect my blogging duties. Maybe it’s because of stress but I can’t really pinpoint my lack of motivation. It’s just there.

So, now that we’ve established all of this let me talk about the outlook of the upcoming weeks. I will probably post very little and write very little.

Let me elaborate ( My general life update): Next week is lab week ! So I’m going to be in the lab for 6 hours daily , on the weekend I’ll be working because I am a broke student and need money. My language course is three times a week and it includes homework and exams. Not to forget that I actually need to be sitting down and learn this new language. And because I want to read my precious books, I will be using my spare time to read and to socialize and meet friends.

That is why, I will be lacking in posting frequently. Does that mean I will stop writing new blog posts and posting altogether ?

Absolutely not.

Blogging is my life. (That’s a bit extreme, I know, but you get the point) I will take the time to write blog posts and I will post as much and as frequently as I can.

I also want to create a new segment where I talk about language learning. I am very passionate about languages, so why not share it with you guys. And I want to start doing Monthly Wrap-ups.

Okay, that’s it for today. This post got longer than I anticipated, so if you’ve read until here: Thanks for bearing with me !

If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions or marriage proposals,- the comment section is yours. Thank you for visiting my Blog. Until next time.

10 thoughts on “Talking about my short Blogging Hiatus and general Life Update

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  1. I recently spent many months away from my blog and all social media because life threw a giant curve ball My way and I just didn’t have the mental or emotional capacity to write anything. Now I’m back to writing because, like you, I get so much from it and it’s a source of joy and positivity. It’s so important to do what you love — thanks for sharing!

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  2. While reading the post I was cringing until “That is why I will be lacking in posting frequently. Does that mean I will stop writing new blog posts and posting altogether?” I’m just happy that you won’t stop writing. . . I enjoy reading your blog post and you’re my “plug”😂when it comes to books so if you stop writing I’ll be shattered😥😪

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  3. Good luck with university! My oldest son is only taking 2 online classes this summer. He’ll take the final exam for one today and then Sunday for the other. All of his classes next semester have been moved online with the exception of a lab. He’ll only go in occasionally for that, though, and the rest of the lab stuff will be done online. It’s been interesting working around all of the COVID stuff.

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      1. He prefers to take classes in a classroom, but he’s been doing just fine with the online classes. He has now finished his summer classes and has maintained his 4.0. I hope things will move forward with little stress for you!!

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      2. That’s amazing. Congrats 🙂 I also finished all of my classes and yesterday was my last lab Day of the semester. I finally have summer break – yay hahah 💕


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