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Introducing Jeremiah Ukponrefe & his book ‘Hive’ ! Opportunity to review a copy

Hi & welcome back to my Blog ! I have the honor of introducing the author Jeremiah Ukponrefe to you along with his New Adult Soft Science Fiction novel ‘Hive’. Jeremiah Ukponrefe is a Vancouver based author and stand up comedian. His debut novel Hive is releasing January 2021, the first of The Arcane Volumes Series. He is giving you all the chance to read a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review ! If anyone is interested you can contact him through his e-mail:

Now onto the Book details:

by Jeremaih Ukponrefe
Publication date:January 31st 2021
Genres: New Adult, Soft Science Fiction


The Collective military has spent its years destroying the last remnants of The Hive, an alien force that devastated the old world. bringing forth the apocalypse, and ushering a new age of warring factions.
Alexander King is a Collective soldier who during a mission monitoring the outskirts of Zone 6, discovers evidence that the Hives presence is stronger then commonly believed. With his new information it becomes vital that The Collective acts fast, for if they dont the world will be brought to its knees again in a wave of destruction that will end humanity fore


Sample chapter

Jeremiah was kind enough to even include a sample chapter from ‘Hive’. You can read & download it by clicking on this file.

You can also contact him through his website: ( His socials are listed on there as well so you can follow him 😁 )

It’s so important to help and support new authors & indie authors ! So if you’re interested in his novel, please contact him and if you aren’t, maybe just spread the word about his novel ! Thank you, lovelies 💕

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