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The Readathon Diaries | Team Witch TBR

Hi guys. My excitement while writing this blog post is immeasurable, so I'm trying to calm down but I. just. can't. Not when a Vampire diaries Readathon for June has been announced a few days ago. Just writing this sentence made me shriek with excitement again, because if you know me, you would know that... Continue Reading →

#StartOnYourShelfAThon Update !!

Credits for this image to CW @ The Quiet Pond. Hello my fellow book Lovers ! As you all know I joined the #StartOnYourShelfAThon Challenge, hosted by the awesome  CW @ The Quiet Pond. In this challenge you have to read the books that you already own, be it physical copies that are on your shelf... Continue Reading →

#StartOnYourShelfAThon TBR

I have some exciting news my friends ! We have a new challenge !! This time it's CW @ The Quiet Pond who is hosting this, letting me have no excuse for my pile of unread books ! The #StartOnYourShelfAThon !! If you’d like to know more about this year-long readathon or would like to join... Continue Reading →

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