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August Watchlist

Hi and welcome back to my Blog !! I just noticed how I skipped my Watchlist for June and July and I feel horrible. So even though we're in the middle of September and technically this Blog post should have been up & running at the start of September,-I still decided to post my "August... Continue Reading →

April Watchlist

This month I haven't watched much, however I still wanted to share with you the series & movies I do recommend and the one's I don't. I hope these recommendations help you and you end up loving the same series & movies that I do. 1). Dynasty (Season 1 &2 ) Season 1: Heiress Fallon... Continue Reading →

March Watchlist

Created by me with Picsart If you follow me on my Instagram Blog (@books_coldbrew 😉 ), you know how much I post about Movies & Tv shows and you guys love it ! A friend finally convinced me to keep track of my favorite Movies and Shows monthly and share them with my lovely Blog... Continue Reading →

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