2020 finally ended, Books I enjoyed the most, the decision to stop reading/ read less contemporary romance,-We need to talk

Hi & welcome back to my Blog ! Long time no see my friends, I apologize for not posting anything on here for over a month ! It's absolutely embarrassing that I still don't have the concept of time management even though I'm an adult. *insert crying face here* My time has been consumed by... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap-up: August 2020

Hello & welcome back to my Blog. This is my first wrap up post and I decided to (finally) do this because a lot of Bloggers & readers recommended me to do Wrap-ups. August was pretty okay, reading wise. I did manage to read and that's the most important thing xD I read 7 books... Continue Reading →

I Dare you Book Tag

Time for another Book Tag my Friends ! I saw this Tag at Bree's Blog @InLove&Words. Make sure to check out her Blog ! There are 19 questions but I only chose 10. So let's get right into it 1.) What book has been on your shelf the longest? Too many books *cough cough*. I... Continue Reading →

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