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Top 5 coffee beverages

I’ve been thinking. Some of you are saying “uh-oh” already I can hear you. haha No, but seriously I’ve been wanting to do these “Top 5 Lists” for quite some time now. Today I decided to create one. Since my blog is all about books&coffee, I thought I’d start with coffee. There’s no better way to begin your mornings than with a fresh cup of coffee… but what kind of coffee exactly? So, to all my coffee Lovers and worshippers out there: where you at ? Because here is my personal list of types of coffee drinks.

1). The classic Americano

A much loved breakfast drink, Americano’s are usually taken for breakfast. I HAVE to drink one in the morning. No milk, no sugar to get the strong taste of pure coffee. I also usually order one while studying or needing to concentrate on something, because of the high concentration of caffeine in it. In simplified terms, it could be said that they are diluted espresso shots.

2). The beautiful Cappuccino

Also on the very top of my personal list of favorite types of coffee beverages is the creamy, milky, cappuccino. It has a very hight amount of milk foam, making it tasty and adding this extra texture to it. Normally it is topped with chocolate powder on top to make it even tastier, but if it isn’t I make sure to add it ! Sometimes I even add vanilla sugar, then you get the real explosion of creamy and tasty cappuccino in your mouth. Did you know that cappuccino has MORE milk foam than Lattes, making it less voluminous ? Now you know !

3). The Iced coffee

Being the coffee Lover that I am, I sometimes drink Iced coffee even in winter. It’ not that crazy, because I know many people who do the same. I love the taste of iced coffee with the cold and bitter taste of caffeine and the cold milky foam. Cold brew or Iced cappuccinos-I enjoy both. And they sure as hell should be on this list.

4). The ultimate Flat white

When I first tried the Flat white a few years ago I had no idea what the difference between it and the cappuccino was. Honestly, they both taste so alike. I only felt that the Flat white didn’t taste as strong as the cappuccino. Turns out, that I was partially right. Flat whites normally contain a little less caffeine than the cappuccino. But the real difference is, that they lack that extra flavor that cappuccino gets from chocolate dusting and foam as toppings.

5). My Austrian “Wiener Melange”

If you’ve been to Austria before and went to a coffeehouse here you’ve heard about this coffee for sure. The word “Wiener” means Viennese. And the word melange is from the French and means “mixture”. Together you have: Viennese mixture !

Often shortened to just melange, this is an espresso with steamed milk and topped with a little foam. The amount of milk used is considerably less than in the traditional cappuccino. It tastes amazing and you should definitely try it as a Lover of coffee or when traveling to Vienna, Austria

And there you have it! That is my personal List of top 5 coffee beverages I enjoy. Which coffee do you enjoy the most ? Tell me in the comments !

By the way you can find all of this pics on my IG, so make sure to follow me (@books_coldbrew)

Disclaimer: Images taken by syl or edited by syl.( Copyright)

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