Rachel Green your Fashion Advisor-Episode 1

Hi, guys ! I have another new segment for you. I’ve been trying to include more segments on my Blog and that’s the outcome. Many segments and no time to do anything apart from writing blog posts hahah. So in this segment, I’ll share some outfits that are similar to what fictional characters wore, so you can duplicate this style if your heart desires. Small Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for the shops, I’m not getting paid by them. I’m only including links to the shops for the purpose of recreating the outfits,-there is no monetary compensation for me.

Of course, I have to start with my favorite Fashion Icon: Rachel Green. Let’s be honest, how many times have you watched Friends and thought ” I would love to wear that outfit”. Well, maybe you can’t wear the exact same outfit, but you can definitely recreate the look with similar clothes. So, without further ado, here are three amazing outfits by Rachel, you can recreate.

1- The School Girl Ensemble

One of my favorite outfits by far is the one where Rachel wears this cute plaid pleated skirt and the funnel neck sweater paired with the extremely stylish knee high socks. This look is a classic Rachel Green outfit and it’s super in.

If I would wear this look, I would add a few rings and maybe cute, small earrings to make the look stand out more.

2- The overalls

Rachel and her overalls are to die for. She combines them with T-shirts, with bralettes, just anything and everything really. It’s such a cute outfit and if you pair them with sneakers, you’re honestly good to go. I would wear cool sunglasses just to get this perfect 90’s summer vibe,-but that’s up to you.

3- The Gingham Dress

Did I tell you how much I love Rachel’s outfits ? Who can forget the Gingham dress that Rachel wore ? I certainly can’t and now that the sun is shining bright and summer is just around the corner, I feel like this is the perfect dress to wear. Pairing it with a necklace like this one seems like a perfect outfit idea.

That’s it, guys ! I really hope you like this segment and you found some cool looks for you to recreate. Until next time, cuties

5 thoughts on “Rachel Green your Fashion Advisor-Episode 1

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  1. How much would I have to pay you to dress me up cause you fashion sense is on point!!!! Woah I like it. . .
    I like this segment too 😀it’s my favourite one after blogging and university


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