Collide by Gail McHugh ( Review & becoming a BP Affiliate )

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

2.5 stars

aka The most disappointing read so far

Well my IG caption from a few weeks ago was definitely on point. The characters did wreck me, but not in a good way.

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I’ve been dreading to write this review for a few weeks now and I honestly contemplated whether or not I should write a full review. If there’s one book that screams disappointment, it’s this one. And I’m more than sad, because I was so sure I would love this book. I was so extremely sure, that I even bought a physical copy of this book. Now it sits on my shelf menacingly, a constant reminder of the disappointment this book is.

The plot

This book is about Emily, who moves to New York city with her boyfriend Dillon to cope with her mother’s death. There she accidentally meets Gavin Blake, super rich & handsome CEO and they instantly feel the pull between each other. Gavin tries to win Emily over, and Emily starts questioning her decisions and her relationship with boyfriend Dillon.

My thoughts

So many things just didn’t work out for me. I went into this book after reading raving 5 star reviews & a personal recommendation from a friend but after 100 pages I rolled my eyes like a 1000 times and was this close to drop the book. After only 100 pages. I should have dropped it and spared myself the huge disappointment. The point is : Where is the so called romance ? Where is the super sweet and different CEO ? Where is the great character that is Emily ?

All I got was a very basic CEO, a very annoying heroine and no romance just lust. OH and let us not forget the very trashy boyfriend that is Dillon.

The biggest problem I had was with Emily herself. I know this sounds harsh but she was a weak, spineless woman who couldn’t seem to function without a man to take care of her. How she stayed with Dillon all this time is beyond my understanding. I know that he bound her emotionally to him but how could she allow him to treat her this way ?!This girl isn’t emotionally mature enough to be in a relationship at all. 
Dillon manipulated her all the time because she allowed it. She wasn’t blind to his many faults because she was naïve. She was blind because she refused to accept what was right in front of her. She accepted every excuse he threw at her.She even made the excuses for him. Emily’s character alone made me deduct 2 stars, because I was just frustrated with her. I was frustrated with her thinking & decisions & excuses. I couldn’t connect with her at all.

Also: She was practically a cheater and it blows my mind how nobody was bothered by that ?!The first time she and Gavin kissed, she was still in a relationship with Dillon. How is no one bothered by that ? And even if she didn’t physically cheat ( which she did), what about emotional cheating ? Is that not a thing ?

I will not even write about Dillon, because it gives me a headache just thinking about him. He was just possessive, controlling, and manipulative. And everyone saw his true colors( apart from Emily) So, between Dillon and Gavin, the obvious choice is Gavin, but he’s certainly not special. I mean, sure, he was sweet and all, but honestly he was just a normal human being. What ? Should I give him a medal for treating Emily like a human being should ? Since when do we give cookies to characters who are behaving like a normally functioning person ?

I also thought that he was kind of pathetic, if I’m being honest, letting Emily walk all over him and play her little games.He was all talk, and no action. Overall, I felt that the characters weren’t fully developed. I couldn’t connect with them.

The last thing I’ll address is the so called “deep connection” & “the angst” in this book. Again: Where was the connection ? Everything was just so physical & all I saw was lust ?! Gavin and Emily meet and they magically form a deep emotional bond ? Without any conversation ?

This is one of the reasons I didn’t like this book. The author tried so hard convincing us that there was a deep emotional connection, when in fact, there wasn’t. The characters were all just physically attracted to each other and they knew actually nothing about each other. Gavin & Emily had one or two deep conversations and now we’re talking about real love ? I will forever repeat this: Most people cannot differentiate between sex and love. Romance is based on a mutual emotional connection rather than a sexual one. And even though the author tries really hard to make us believe that Emily & Gavin are in fact soulmates, when reading the book all I see is lust & a physical connection.

Before we conclude this review, I need to mention that it was so unclear to me whether or not the author was trying to condemn the abuse that Emily suffers or if she thought it was just convenient she had an incredibly abusive boyfriend that she could leave for another man. I am convinced that abuse isn’t something that should be sprinkled in a book because you can’t think of a more angsty reason why two people shouldn’t be together. That scene in the end actually gave me headache, anxiety & I wanted to puke. So major trigger warnings for sexual assault at the end of the book.

So to conclude; It’s obvious that Collide was not my cuppa. I really wanted to love it, but it ended up being a crushing disappointment.  I wish I could say I’d recommend this book, but sadly, I can’t.

Have you read this book ? What did you think ?

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