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NCIS LA Book Tag

How are you my fellow book lovers ? Today, I’m doing the NCIS LA book tag, which the cute Rukky @eternity books tagged me to do. (Make sure to check her out !!) This is my first Book Tag, can you believe it ?! So I’m really excited to be doing this. Thanks, Rukky !!

I actually really really enjoy watching NCIS, because this is the only show I watch with my whole family. I can’t get them to watch romance or drama series but when it comes to NCIS we’re all on the same page.

Alright, let’s start !!

Callen – A Mysterious Character Who You’d Like To Get To Know Better

Mordred from The Guinevere Deception. I just want to have more background on him and his childhood to understand why he made a certain decision. Like why. I need to understand, because I love him and if I know his story, I can fully defend him against Haters xD

Sam – A Character You Can Depend On In An Apocalypse

Wolf from the MC Henchman ! First of all he is very silent, he doesn’t like to say words that don’t have any meaning. So he’ll definitely keep calm and be coolheaded during the apocalypse, which is so important in my opinion. I don’t need hysteria in an apocalypse ! And then there’s the fact that he already lives in a cabin in the woods, with loads of toilet paper ( 😉 ) and food. So he has resources, he’s calm AND he’s a member of the MC, so he’s strong as hell and can fight.

Deeks – A Fluffy Contemporary Set By The Beach (#Fail Nr.1)

I can’t believe there’s not one book that I remember wich included a beach scene. The only book I could think of is Bad at love by Karina Halle, I believe it was set by the beach or there was a beach scene ?! But don’t take my word on it, I really can’t remember. But I do remember it being a good book ! 🙂

Kensi – A Book With Badass Female Characters

The girls from An Ember in the Ashes. I’m not only talking about Helen or Laia,-even though they are extremely badass-I’m also talking about every slave, every girl that survived the torture under the Commandant. Ugh, I still can’t say or write her name without hatred flaming inside of me ! But this book includes so many diverse women and they are all strong in their own way!

Eric – A Character Who Is An Essential Part Of A Team

Kellen from the book Of Silver and Shadow !!! I loved him and Darek. They were both extremely important to the mission and as part of the rebel team. But Kellen was so underrated at first and then boom, they needed him. I am just in love with him and the team and the whole book to be honest !

Nell – A Character Who Is Great With Tech(#Epic Fail Nr.2)

This is where my mind went blank, like completely. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a tech guy or girl ! So I unfortunately I have to skip this one !

Hetty – A Morally Grey Character Who You Adore

Cassi from The Raven and the Dove. Ok, so I don’t adore Cassi, however I do like her. She definitely is morally grey, and she did unimaginable things, but I still like her. Because I get where she’s coming from and who her priority is. I’m excited to see how she’ll develop in the sequel and I’m totally rooting for her,-even though she did something bad to my baby. But pssht-no spoilers 😉

Granger – A Character/Book You Didn’t Like At First But They/It Grew On You

Senator Wolfe Keaton from The Kiss Thief ! Oh.My.God. I hated his guts !The pain and emotional trauma he put the heroine through was honestly gut-wrenching. Like, I really really hated him,-until I suddenly didn’t ! It started in the middle of the book, where I started to tolerate him and then near the end I found him: ok. But nothing more than that. Now, I understand his thought process and actually do enjoy several aspects of his personality, but I don’t love him. I don’t think I ever will, but he’s a great Man for the heroine ! That’s for sure.

#Densi – A Ship You Will Shriek About Until Your Lungs Give Out

Honestly: #Densi for the win ! They make a great couple, no wait– They make the perfect couple. But do you know whose another perfect couple ? Katy and Daemon. I’ve read Obsidian back when I was a teenager (around 15 years old) and I swear to you, to this day I strongly believe that they make an amazing couple. There’s so much sass, and love and sacrifice in their relationship -it’s everything. These two own my heart and I will gladly shriek about them until my lungs give out any minute !!

Ok, that’s it ! I’m tagging: (No pressure, if you don’t want to do it)

Lori @TheReadingFairy Dini @dinipandareads Ali @OurBookBoyfriends ILBB @BooksBestBlog

A cat, a book and a cup of tea @A cat, a book and a cup of tea

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  1. Thanks for the tag 😀 I totally agree with you about the bad ass females in An Ember in the Ashes! I also keep hearing about how morally grey Cassi’s character is and I keep getting more curious about her. I really need to get a my read on for that book 😅

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